New Site – Update

September 20, 2011

So I’m working on my new WordPress *site* — not blog — it’s run on my own server. So it will be bandwidth-wise a little bit slow, but it will be easier for me to customize and more flexible. And, we get our own forums.

Most importantly – the domain DOES STILL WORK, and probably will continue to, except now I’m considering using as my main domain. I can’t call a High Stakes website “NFS High Stakes Unofficial Website”… it needed a title so it will be HSCentral, and that should be your primary way to reach it.


September 10, 2011

In case I didn’t make this clear, disregard anything on any other sites/blogs that I’ve created… the information probably doesn’t apply now. That means, you can’t upload cars to me (that email address is full of spam and I never use it anyway), and stuff like that. On a lighter note, I am working constantly on the new HS site. It won’t be perfect (and I’m having a hard time getting over that myself), and I’m hosting it myself on my trusty Dell Dimension 8300 Pentium 4 (don’t worry, it’s upgraded to a whopping 1GB of RAM). It’s not that fast, it’s really nothing so far, but it is online. So please check it out! The plan is to have WordPress for the main site (we’ll see how that works with a car/track database…), and to use SimpleMachines Forum for our message board. I think we’ll use the SMForum for uploading (PM Me including DB link, etc) and I’ll try to translate that into a post, which will have tags based on the brand/author/uploader/class/etc, for easier searching, and … well, it’s all a WIP. I’ll figure it out eventually, eventually?

 So, I’d really appreciate it if you’d check it out.

forums – very very new, don’t expect much –


June 4, 2011

pretty much all my high stakes blogs and forums are useless now… because I am creating a brand new High Stakes website with forums and uploading capabilities.

Now bear with me – there is nothing at all yet, but it will be done sometime this summer!!

Any comments and questions you can email me at hs rocks 73 @ yahoo . com or better yet PM me on NFSCars

HS (and the mod) today

November 20, 2010

Sadly, HS really if you think about it has died out. I don’t hold anyone in particular to blame, but there really isn’t much going on anymore. I am still (slowly) working on the next version of my mod however (see and I try to stay involved as much as I can, but that’s not nearly as much as it was before.

And I’ve noticed the search term “fm hs mod 3.6 installer” come up quite a bit on the blog. For anyone wondering where to possibly download FM HS Mod, sadly it’s offline and has been for a long while. I don’t have permission to host it anymore, but when I release the new version with correct permission, it will be online again.

Again, all the LATEST news is ALWAYS on the FORUMS. is where you can find the updates more often… You have to register in order to read the really small details in the development forum, but most of the big announcements you can read there first without registering.

I still feel like there are people out there, that like the game, but aren’t really into it. Don’t know where to find the community. I’ve wanted for a while to reach out to those people and invite them in — the more people, the better. HS is an amazing game, let’s not let it die out.

New to the community? Read the HS Guide and the Overview here , register and talk on the IPLounge Forums if you need help, or just want to talk about HS or PU, and if you have time to chat with my small circle of HS friends you can always visit my forums too, especially for help with HS and compatibility with new OS’s!

Latest Update

October 17, 2010

I’m really sorry to keep everyone waiting…

FM HS Mod (4) won’t be publicly released for another, while. Right now my main PC has a dying hard drive, and isn’t fast enough for 5500 polygon mods. As a result I can’t test with this machine as I am getting more and more bad sectors every time I turn it on… as it is I’m scrambling to backup all important / archived stuff. Thankfully I have a 120GB external drive with my old HS stuff on it, but the drive is full. I have another computer with two hard drives – one is dead and empty, and the other one isn’t recognized by the BIOS. And that PC is only 256MB RAM and early version of XP Home. My only truly working PC at this point is my laptop, with a 500MHz Celeron, 128MB RAM, ATi Rage Mobility M (4MB GPU)  a 5GB HDD and Windows 98SE – and even THIS can’t run HS, because the CPU fan never turns on and after a few minutes of gameplay the computer overheats and locks up.

I was expecting to have my custom-built computer working by now, but unfortunately that won’t happen for a while either further putting off the beginning of my new project. My motherboard is dead, and I am struggling through the RMA process for both that and the processor.

In short, all my PC’s have issues, none of them will have enough graphics memory / or regular ram, to do mods… my best working one is 512MB right now of DDR 333. I’m really stuck at this point and I’m not happy that I sold off my trusty Dell Dimension with an Athlon 64 3200+, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, and a nice 160GB HDD. Sigh… These days I have no free time at ALL during the week, Monday through Friday. If I get a few minutes I will check the forums, or NFSAddons. Only Saturday and Sunday can I manage to check my blogs/forums, and even then I have more work to do and — I’m sorry — but being limited to such little time to do what I want, I’m not spending all of it on HS like I used to. Abyss wondered why I could shove out a release of the FM Mod every week. It was because I had SO much time on my hands, and SO much enthusiasm for screwing around on HS. But I kind of lost my patience with all my PC problems right now, and having just two days a week, I have lots of other things to do. I am sitting in a pile of old, reasonably crappy PCs. I have eight of them, only 3 work. Sometimes it’s fun. And, when I need them for serious work, sometimes it’s not.

FM HS Mod V3.5 is OUT!!

January 29, 2010

Check the FM HS Mod Site ( for the details on this latest and greatest mod.

OR, you can be patient and wait a day or two for V3.6 (much improved) to be released!

(your choice! 😉 )

Download Cars/Tracks/Tools Now :)

November 14, 2009

Well, I’ve decided to allow your own mods to be uploaded onto this site! Please check out the Upload page to get started. 🙂