HS (and the mod) today

Sadly, HS really if you think about it has died out. I don’t hold anyone in particular to blame, but there really isn’t much going on anymore. I am still (slowly) working on the next version of my mod however (see http://nfshs.myfastforum.org/) and I try to stay involved as much as I can, but that’s not nearly as much as it was before.

And I’ve noticed the search term “fm hs mod 3.6 installer” come up quite a bit on the blog. For anyone wondering where to possibly download FM HS Mod, sadly it’s offline and has been for a long while. I don’t have permission to host it anymore, but when I release the new version with correct permission, it will be online again.

Again, all the LATEST news is ALWAYS on the FORUMS. nfshs.myfastforum.org is where you can find the updates more often… You have to register in order to read the really small details in the development forum, but most of the big announcements you can read there first without registering.

I still feel like there are people out there, that like the game, but aren’t really into it. Don’t know where to find the community. I’ve wanted for a while to reach out to those people and invite them in — the more people, the better. HS is an amazing game, let’s not let it die out.

New to the community? Read the HS Guide and the Overview here , register and talk on the IPLounge Forums if you need help, or just want to talk about HS or PU, and if you have time to chat with my small circle of HS friends you can always visit my forums too, especially for help with HS and compatibility with new OS’s!


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