What is NFS:HS?

Hey, thanks for visiting my NFSHS site. For those of you who aren’t familiar with NFSHS, it stands for: Need For Speed: High Stakes, and is the fourth in the Need For Speed (NFS) series by Electronic Arts. The NFS Series is one of the most well-known racing titles. The different games go as follows:

1. The Need For Speed (TNFS)

2. Need For Speed II (NFS2)

3. Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit (NFS3 or NFS3:HP)

4. Need For Speed High Stakes (NFS4, NFSHS, or NFS4:HS)

5. Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed (NFS5, or NFS:PU)

6. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit II (NFSHP2 or NFS6)

7. Need For Speed: Underground (NFS7 or NFSUG or NFSU)

8. Need For Speed: Underground 2 (NFSUG2)

9. Need For Speed Most Wanted (Usually NFSMW)

10. Need For Speed Carbon (Usually NFSC)

11. Need For Speed ProStreet (Usually NFS:PS)

12. Need For Speed Undercover (NFS:UC)

In my opinion, the best NFS is definitely either HS or PU. So feel free to browse around this site and see what you think.



3 Responses to What is NFS:HS?

  1. abyss says:

    There were also two Japanese only titles. Over Drivin Skyline Memorial for the ps1 and also Nissan presents Over Drivin GT-R for the Sega Saturn. They are different versions of the first Need for Speed with a different set of cars.
    There’s Need for speed V-rally 1 and 2 too.

  2. ferrariman says:

    Way to go for actually visiting the link in my sig, rafael 😉
    Cant wait until this gets more popular and people actually d/l and give me feedback on my mod. Check it out (or at least the screens?) when you get the chance. I really need to update the screens page, btw.

  3. Rafel says:

    My favorite game is HS and after, PU. I still play HS and PU everyday after ten and nine years,hahaha.

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