We’d love to have some files! Just send me an e-mail… hsrocks73[AT]yahoo[DOT]com… you know the drill – replace [AT] with @ and [DOT] with .

Just copy the following form into the e-mail, based on what type of file it is. You can attach the file or upload it to Dropbox (getdropbox.com)

If the file’s a CAR:

File (either attached or a Dropbox link) – preferably .zip or .rar file format

Brand Name

Model Name

Author Name

Uploader Name

Description (optional)

Polycount (sort of optional but I’d like to have it)

Damage? (Y/N)

Dash? (Y/N)

Accurate Performance? (Y/N)

1 or more screenshots… either attached or on Photobucket or ImageShack.

If the file’s a track:

File (attached to email or dropbox)

Based On Which Track/Replaces Which Track

custom Loading Screen? (Y/N)

AI acts normally? (Y/N)… if only works in forwards specify

Any bugs?


Author Name

Uploader Name

1 or more screenshots as  stated for a car



Tool Name

Function/Description (required!)

1 screen or more (if you want)

author name

uploader name




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