Welcome to FerrariMan’s High Stakes Troubleshooting/Support Guide. This will help diagnose all of your NFS4 problems 🙂

FM’s NFS4 Support Guide – 193KB


5 Responses to Support

  1. ferrariman says:

    I recommend using TotalPatch for enabling the cheats, instead of the Cheat Enabler.

    You can also do much more with this program.

    • Andrew says:

      Thank you so much! Now I need to get it running again.. also I may figure it out but in case.. were do I put this file TotalPatch? And if you know.. were can I put the vehicles that are downloadable into NFS High Stakes?


  2. Andrew says:

    Hey guys, So I got NFS High Stakes and it’s a 1999 – 2000 version or so. I got the Cheat Enabler and it says to run a “HScheat.BAT” file while playing the game. Now I’ve double clicked the file and something pops up and then dissapears so suddenly I can’t see it. Is there something I need to make it run?

  3. ferrariman says:

    Thanks, you don’t really need to put a link to my site, but if you want to that’d be great 🙂

    Sorry about the link confusion. I’ll add the link to this site too and fix the thing about the tracks 😉

  4. Blazn says:

    The site link to my site says tracks by me and Will. That is incorrect-all tracks including the first at
    back then nfs garage were built by me for me and my brothers in 2004.Everything on my site and what is
    coming was built except for conversions.
    Hope this clears the confusion.Later would like to post a link to your site.

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