Version 2.8 Finished (sorta)

Well, I managed to scrape together the time this weekend to finish FM HS Mod V2.8. It’s really awesome, but I won’t be able to share it with all of you for a while, because installer building does take a while. And I may add more stuff when I have more time

New in this release:
-New replacements for Camaro and Firebird (about time 😛 )
-New exact replacement for the 550 Maranello (by Memphis)
-Replaced traffic cars with some RK cars 😉
>but I couldn’t find any low-poly versions of the big trucks
-I’m going to change the tracklist up a bit
-I’ve revised a lot of the cars:
>Year or model generation after car name in parentheses
>Revised performance (most cars, still needs finishing)
>Made sure all the cars that need to have upgrades (replacements)
-I’ve finally fixed all the bugs with the carlist 🙂

So, I’m guessing it will be uploaded maybe tomorrow night at the SOONEST – sometime next week is more probable – or it may be so long as Friday night 😦

Sounds nice, though, right? Now is the perfect chance for car requests 😉


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