V2.7 Rebuild uploaded!

Yep, it’s all done. I changed a lot in the carlist, and there’s no more glitches. Download it to see – I’ll post the details when I get more free time 🙂 . This one’s got the track slides in the Non-EP, too 🙂 and theres room for more cars in both vers 😀


have fun


4 Responses to V2.7 Rebuild uploaded!

  1. ferrariman says:

    Yeah, that track’s called Canyon. I think it’s OK, but maybe I’ll replace it. I had it in there because it was made by unBtable, the nice guy who helped me set up the Expansion Pack correctly. So I kinda had it in there as a tribute to him, but he might not even really want his work in my mod. He’s making a new track – a replacement for Redrock Ridge. When that’s done, the tracklist will be perfect! Because then, I can put Deadly Outback over Canyon, and I can use his RR replacement, which so far looks really good 🙂


  2. some random guy :P says:

    you could replace Lost Canyons with Deadly Outback, the track you chosen for it is a bit boring.

  3. ferrariman says:

    Oh – sorry about the Vidwalls. Some of the tracks I used just don’t come with them lol, and I don’t know how to make them. So if you do, go ahead 😉 and I’ll add them. One more error – I meant to include ‘Deadly Outback’ from Fangio, but I actually used ‘Outback’ from NFSIISE by RyanT. Oh well, it’s still a cool track, I just prefer Fangio’s multi-route tracks 🙂

  4. some random guy :P says:

    No replacement track slides for Raceway 1, Alantica, Aquatica and Country Woods.

    Otherwise good job with the rebuild. And nice that you used one of the Toyotas I linked to eariler.

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