V2.7 All set!


I fixed my internet problems finally, and so now version 2.7 of FM HS Mod is uploaded 😀 . Here’s the details…

New in This Release:

-Fixed high-poly cars and tracks

-Added all the track vidwalls

-Added some new tracks

-Removed some ugly cars 😛

-Will add some more cars soon… stand-by for updates 🙂 🙂 🙂

-… have fun!!!

-New installer file thing

-Maybe remodel the site sometime soon 😀


2 Responses to V2.7 All set!

  1. ferrariman says:

    Oh, that’s odd… I did purposely remove the Cobra, though.
    I had a few problems with the carlist, and I knew about the Toyota, so I removed it. For some reason, I forgot to copy that into the installer 😦 . But otherwise, do you like it? I spent a lot of work on this

    Also, about the track vidwalls, I’d have to search through my entire VidWall folder to figure out which ones were which – that’s why you should try the EP version.

    About the Ferrari: it didn’t import correctly because of the method I used for the Non-EP Cars (it was still in the SaveData folder so it didn’t import)

  2. some random guy :P says:

    No Ferrari F40 and Ford Mustang Cobra, couldn’t find them.
    No track vidwalls either, should be in Data/FeArt/Vidwall.
    Toyota Supra looks a bit rised in the car menu.

    Btw I found some good low-poly Toyotas by this guy if your interested: http://www.nfscars.net/member/view/aj_lethal.aspx

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