V2.7 Checklist

OK, here’s what I want to fix for the release of the long-awaited V2.7 of FM HS Mod (in order):

-Get a new PC/Laptop that can use cars over 3500 polies 😦

-Rescale or replace the SLK280 Roadster… (is it REALLY only 4000 polies?!)

-Replace the fun TexasRide with the much less glitchy Outback

       –> or UnBtable2’s RR Mod when it comes out 😀 if 2.7 takes that long 😦

-Maybe screw around with the carlist a little…

-Switch back to using the automatic installer file. It might not have as good a compression ratio, but it makes everything simpler and is something to consider (maybe I’ll make a poll on that..)

-Fix any other car/track bugs that anyone can spot. It seems that I’m the only one who really finds bugs these days – feel free to comment if there’s something wrong…

Let me know what you think,




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