Version 2.6 Along its Way


I have been unable to fix my high-poly-problem, but I may have had it all along. My PC is about two and a half years old, and even for the time it came out, it wasn’t that fast. I tested most of the highpoly cars on certain tracks, which are like EA’s and more simple, than other tracks such as Dolphin Valley or Urban Germany. So, I had a choice, to remove the cars with over 5500 polies and replace them with some new cars, or remove the cool tracks.

And I chose to remove highpoly cars…

So I’ll let all of you know about the new carlist as soon as I get the time – sometimes working on it is a bit more important than informing about it, if it isn’t finished đŸ˜› .

New in This Release:

-Tons of Bugfixes

-Removed high-poly cars

-I will re-do the tracklist a bit, but keep my favorite tracks.



One Response to Version 2.6 Along its Way

  1. some random guy :P says:

    Yeah high-poly cars cause more of a problem than tracks so good desision there.

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