FM HS Mod V2.6

…Yes, it’s exciting isn’t it. Well, I’ll see about starting sometime soon, but I have to fix my high-poly-problem first 😦

(Hopefully will be) New in This Release:

-Redo the tracklist this time. SRG thankfully pointed out some of the problems with my tracks, and unfortunately I may have to ditch Urban Germany unless I fix my high-poly-problem

-Unless I fix my high-poly-problem, remove every car with over ~5450 polies and replace it 😐 so I reallly want to fix the problem

-Update the car- and track-list (they have a few issues)

-Add some of Power^Steer|ng’s earlier works – they’re under 5000 polies and look amazing B)

-More will be thought of… feel free to comment



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