Version 2.5 Update 1


Since there’s been a lot of stuff fixed/added since the release of V2.5, I decided to merge the updates with the self-extracter for maximum convenience. If you have already downloaded 2.5 before I update it, contact me, and I can arrange a zip with just the updates. You can contact me via comments: bottom of post, via IPL: fm7 , via e-mail: , or if you really want via AIM: FerrariMan731 . Here’s the deal:

New in This Release/Update:

-Added XJ220’s Italdesign Cala from

-Fixed some prices…

-Added all the cars mentioned in the previous updates, plus some from previous versions of FM HS Mod, so now I’ve got every serial number covered except for one (stand by for that last special car!)

-Fixed/Added new cars to the Carlist

it will be uploaded soon 🙂


9 Responses to Version 2.5 Update 1

  1. ferrariman says:

    umm, ok. Well, first of all the car checker isn’t really that accurate :/ – I get a different, more possible number in CarCAD, which I need to use to add damage/upgrades anyway.
    Second of all, I haven’t changed my file system recently and the cars all worked before 😛
    Third of all, I’m using the DX9 DLL and it’s still screwed up
    Fourth of all (or last) – You can see the details on my high-poly-problem in the link in latest post (V2.6)

  2. GeminiYo3 says:

    TVR cerbera showed in “car checker” that its 5103 had polys.
    Your crashes may be directly depends from wich file system your game installed. I know for sure NTFS reducing cars. When FAT32 (if the game runned(?) OR installed) gives maximum possible cars no. in the games and limiting it only by wrong code in the exe or any alse file. And btw you all can use “my” 3dsetup replacement from the Stiffnroll, wich use DX9 component till march 2003 i guess – its better…its just better and always accesseble. If you want to try my tips over anythying alse dont forget always run d3d allowing – “RUN THIS AFTER 3DSetup.reg” after youll setup video.
    It will help you out.

  3. ferrariman says:

    Ohh, that’s odd…
    for some reason I can’t use cars over 5000 polies anymore. I’m not going to update until I fix

  4. some random guy :P says:

    I did mention the TVR cause i got the Render_out_of_Ram error when i tried to race it.

    Also once you made updates to your 2 cars you could use them for part of the mod. I always loved the F355.

  5. ferrariman says:

    Hmm, talk to GY3 about TVR. He said it was under 5000

    I’ll look for another track for the Snowy Ridge…

    Yes, sorry about performance track, the AI goes crazy 😛 but it’s a great track to drive around by yourself and test your car imo

  6. some random guy :P says:

    A few more things:

    Might wanna use a different track for Snowy Ridge, for some reason the track used is based on The Summit. The start positions are not in good places

    TVR Speed 12 i think is a bit too high poly.

    You actully got 3 serial numbers left since there’s a spot where EA’s Ferrari 360 Modeana and the Bonus Camaro are.

    The raceway replacements aren’t exactly good for racing, especially the Performence Track.

  7. ferrariman says:

    …and when it works it’s uber-slow 😦 that last comment took ~1min

  8. ferrariman says:

    Thanks, so glad you like it. Unfortunately I will be offline for a while (maybe more than a few days) because my internet is screwed up it goes on and off literally every minute I’m going offline soon so i’d better type fast 😦 repair connection doesnt work cya 🙂

  9. some random guy :P says:

    Now this is starting to become a proper racing game mod, good luck with future updates.

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