FM HS Mod V2.5 Released! :)

Hey everyone,

I finally released version 2.5 😀 . There are soooo many improvements in this release, it’s really pretty great 🙂 . Here’s the details:

New in This Release:

-I entirely redid the whole carlist, except for a few that already met my new standards:

>All the cars will be configured to work as replacements

>Most (All except 2 or 3) are direct replacements: same or very similar car model

>Known exceptions: -Jaguar XKR>Aston Martin DB7 Vantage by Cooya!, and Pursuit

Corvette>Pursuit 2005 Mustang GT by XJ220

>All the cars are full-grid raceable as long as you have around 1GB of DDR2 RAM and up

>Career mode should play flawlessly because all replacement serial # cars got upgrades

-I found a way to reduce the filesize that does not corrupt the entire installer 😛 that self-extracts

>EP-Compatible version is now 127MB (so-so)

>Non-EP/Stock HS version is now only ~89MB (much better)

-I fixed a ton of bugs with tracks and other miscellaneous stuff

So, thanks for looking 🙂 and please stand-by because I will release more stuff very soon!


Coming up Next:

>Traffic Pursuit Car Replacements

>Tons of car additions, some forgotten from older versions, and some will be new…

>If I add enough stuff, then I’ll make an ‘Update Rollup 1’ will all latest updates for 2.5

>Any suggestions??? Comments are as always quite welcome 😀


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