This May Be The End…

…Guess what? I’m screwed. Okay, I finally finished V2.5, and then here’s what happened:

-I exported the tracks

-Realized I exported an older track (version 2.4 with no update pack): Atlantica 5

-Deleted the archive

-Deleted it from Mixer

And then…

-Mixer got rid of all my mods somehow and screwed up the stock stuff :O

-My tracklist is actually read as an original list

-I can’t load default.hsm

-I can’t import my cars or tracks back because they ‘already exist’ (!)

Ugh, if I don’t fix this, it may be the end of FM HS Mod and the V2.5 I worked so hard on.



2 Responses to This May Be The End…

  1. ferrariman says:

    lol, well I remembered that I put the cars + tracks on my friends laptop a few days ago, and some were corrupted but they’ll eventually be recovered.
    -FM 🙂

  2. GeminiYo3 says:

    Most pple not using mixer they even dont know what is that. If anybody wants to figue out hows mixer works they might become unhappy just like me. In this case do it in oldest way “backup&copy”.

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