More 2.5 Details

Okay, well version 2.5 is going a bit slowly, but it will be really cool when finished. Here’s what I’m sure of so far with the cars, and tracks should be fine.

*not so sure yet, but maybe…

**unless someone’s kind enough to find something good, with damage, and >6000 polies…

Car to Replace – Mod Car (upgrades) :

Ferrari F50 – Martin Leps’s F50 (included)

McLaren F1 – PomFrit’s McLaren F1 LM (none for AAA)

BMW Z3 – Martin Leps’s Z4 (use EA’s or create my own)

Mercedes SLK230 – Thanks to GeminiYo, 320 AMG (by me 1 and 2, 3 is a tuned car from someone else)

Chevrolet Camaro – 1988 Chevy Camaro (included! :D)

BMW M5 – PomFrit’s M5 XS (EA 1 & 2, 3 is Nick Lafortune’s Racing M5 )

Pursuit Porsche 911 Turbo – XJ220’s Wonderful One (cop car)

**Pontiac Firebird – uh oh…

Porsche 911 Turbo – XJ220’s Wonderful One (included)

*Lamborghini Diablo SV – Anyone know of a low-poly Gallardo?!

Mercedes CLK-GTR – PomFrit’s GTR (none for class AAA)

**Chevrolet Corvette – Still use Sniper’s ’85 C4 Corvette (too old) (my upgrades)

**Pursuit Camaro – 1992 RCMP Camaro by capt_spaghetti (cop car)

Pursuit BMW M5 – XJ220’s Wonderful One (cop car)

**Ferrari 550 Maranello – help please! 😦

**Pursuit Corvette – sadly, no idea

**Pursuit Diablo SV – ???

**La Nina – I don’t know, but SOMETHING fast (maybe use Zonda from 2.4) (no upgrades – AAA)

**Bonus Camaro – Pretty much anything close (bonus car)

*Bonus 911 – some sort of GT3 (martin leps??) (bonus car)


2 Responses to More 2.5 Details

  1. ferrariman says:

    Hi, GeminiYo3. Thanks for the link, and that may appear in my mod soon 😀 . However, it doesn’t directly replace any EA cars. Still worth having, however 😉

  2. GeminiYo3 says:

    Try this 1 called TVR Cerbera. This had 5100 polys. I dont like how this car maded exactly. But i like TVR’s. Sry i really dont know who made this car. TVR’s have beautiful design good performace in real life…

    If this car dont have some futures you want for mod try to search car on nfscars for example from the bottom list

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