Mercedes SL600 Released


I converted this car from NFS3, and it’s even better than the Ferrari. Check it out πŸ˜‰ .


Mercedes SL600 – Conversion from NFS3 by Ferrariman AKA FM7 – V1.1
Credits/Used Tools:
Original Model, textures, dummies, etc. – Electronic Arts
CAR3TO4 – Jorg Billeter – Conversion
NFSWizard – Organization, Colors, Upgrades, Prices
CARCad – Damage, Parts, Upgrades
GIMP 2.6 – Texture Editing, ScreenShot
-Very low-poly model from NFS3 (1214 Polies)
-NFS4-Style Damage Model by me πŸ™‚
-Full grid raceable on even the EXTREMELY slow computers
-All Lights Work (maybe not reverse however)
-Pretty good functional upgrades by me
-UP1: improved top speed + redline
-UP2: further improved top speed + redline
-UP3: even further improved top speed + redline, improved appearance, quite improved

torque curve
-Should work perfectly with Career Mode, and can replace SLK230 if you want
-VidWall from NFS3
-All NFSHS Languages are Supported πŸ™‚


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