Version 2.4


Version 2.4 is just getting started now, and there’s a lot of stuff that will be fixed. So here’s the deal:

New in This Release:

-Finally fix the Virtual Road on the TexasRide track (end of last tunnel)

-Rename folder ID of MSLK to MGTR so it will no longer replace EA’s CLK.

-Possibly have the cars be imported using Mixer, also.

-Fix the VidWalls if they’re messed up.

-Possibly figure out how to have Mixer automatically import cars + tracks right after installation

like it works in the EP Installer.

-Fix the performance on the Porsche Boxter and as random guy requested, move it to A

(NOTE: I think that the Aston would blow away other A cars like the Camaro, and it fits well with

AA, so that’s where it’s staying πŸ˜‰ )

-Move Opel Astra Caravans either both to A class or maybe just the GSi/Irmscher

-Possibly add a 5749 poly Toyota Supra, but I’ll have to remove high-poly upgrades 😦

-Replace ‘Atlantica 5’ possibly with ‘Atlantica City’ and it will be called either that or ‘Atlantica

NFSWiLL’ in Mixer.

Let me know what you think πŸ™‚ ,



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