Version 2.3 Update 1


2.3 Update Package 1 is finished and uploaded šŸ™‚ . This is an essential update if you have the regular V2.3, but you won’t need to re-download everything. Just leave a comment if you want me to post another ‘FM HS Mod 2.3 Updates’ and I can make that happen. Just for the record, here’s what you can do to patch your regular 2.3 by yourself.

Needed Tools:

Serial Number Editor (SNE)


A: I have Expansion Pack 2:

1) Open SNE

2) Find the one match on Serial Number 21, and change the 968 Turbo’s number to 34.

3) Open HS Mixer’s Car Manager (Cars>Car Manager)

4) Check off the 968 Turbo and Save the car list

5) Download Angel Lake Summer Time here.

6) Make sure you have the ‘FM HS Mod 2.3 Tracklist’ loaded in Mixer.

7) Put the files from the zip into *NFSHS*\Data\Tracks\Park and click ‘Yes to All’.

B: I Have the Non-EP Version.

1) Open SNE and change the 968 Turbo’s number to 34 so it isn’t a match.

2) Open the ‘Tracks’ folder

3) Download Angel Lake Summertime.

4) Replace the files in your Tracks\Park folder with the ones in the zip.



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