Bug Found in Update 1 EP


Sorry about this, but I just found an annoying bug in Update 1. It’s not a big deal and is easy to fix. Here’s the deal: when you import the FM HS Mod 2.3 Tracks, only 18 of 19 imports are successful. The one track that doesn’t quite work is ‘Norway’ a.k.a. ‘Norwegen’. The reason is, I only included the CHANGED files, not the UNCHANGED files, too. So, here’s how to fix it.


1) Download ‘Norway.zip’ from the downloads page

2) Open Mixer, then Tracks menu, then Import Track from Archive

3) Choose ‘Norway.zip’ from wherever you downloaded it from.

Thanks, and enjoy my mod. B)



2 Responses to Bug Found in Update 1 EP

  1. ferrariman says:

    Hmm, ok. That actually sounds like a good idea. Keep in mind that those cops have to be at the most 5999 polies. I’ll look around for some good cops for the next release, or see my most recent post and when it’s done uploading, you can help add stuff to V2.4 🙂
    PS: Your dropbox link on your website and in your comment don’t work… make sure you right click the file you want to upload, go to dropbox menu, then ‘copy public link’

  2. GeminiYo3 says:

    FM, just cars and tracks its out of fashion already. I suggest you to make something special in your mod. For example the idea of big variation of police cars has not yet employed. Police car looks better then anything alse, so collect about 24 cop cars and 24 race cars. It promise to be Really fun. Car class of the cop car can be changed in viv (fedata file). That will be the first step to make your mod goes in right-nice direction.
    P.S. Here 2 car the cops.

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