Version 2.2 EP & Non-EP Finished + Uploaded


I scrambled to get this online as soon as I could, so I hope it’s not glitchy. The installer should work fine, however, because I found a more convienient method of creating the installer files. This version is great, it has replacements for every EA car and track! Check it out @ the downloads page.



5 Responses to Version 2.2 EP & Non-EP Finished + Uploaded

  1. GeminiYo3 says:

    Ok i upload my first file to getdropbox ,my mod.
    available from main-page
    thx again fm7.

  2. GeminiYo3 says:

    Thx man, thats what i need right now (my site not working right). I have accept your e-mail. Guess it add to you 250mb, if not i will install dropbox tool (0.6.402).

    My mod comes out, we played it yesterday online on stock tracks. Not via IPL but that was fun. Idk where to give you link on mod, so far its uploaded on rapidshare (so far), and it has limited 10 times to dl. So i wont post link here but if you meet me in iplounge or will give your e-mail ill send it to you. yo.

  3. ferrariman says:

    Oh, and also: in the future, you should use Dropbox, not rapidshare ( if you post your e-mail, I can invite you and we both get 200MB more than the standard 2GB.

  4. ferrariman says:

    Thanks so much. By the way, there’s one known glitch with version 2.2: the textures in track TexasRide are messed up (.zip had no tr0.qfs file), but it’s still a cool track and is still driveable.

  5. GeminiYo3 says:

    Hi. Ive upload some cars and tracks for you now you can dl it. after this ill delete file (so let me know somehow)

    There’s are most low poly cars i have. I letting you check for poly by yourself (there is programm in archive). I hope youll find something interesting.

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