File Hosting Problems

EDIT: The links are now back up, so never mind 🙂


3 Responses to File Hosting Problems

  1. ferrariman says:

    Oh hey GY3,
    Nice to talk to you again. I fixed my file hosting problems thanks to unBtable2, he invited me to Dropbox. It gives me 2GB+ free, and my files can be publicly downloaded, and they’re never deleted unless I delete them. It’s really cool, actually.
    I’m glad you will download it; this site’s getting more popular by the minute 😉 . I’ve got some pretty good cars in there, one or two might be in YOUR mod too. I only wonder how you made your mod only 80MB! I’ll cya in IPL, ok?

  2. GeminiYo3 says:

    Hey fm7. Good to see your site. Not sure about rapidshare (for free it can host 200mb but for a couple times to dl, and not for ever if your file wont be dl in a month). If i can help you i would but i can. Now what ill do ill dl you mod and test it out tomorrow.

    P.S. Soon will be new release of my mod – thats why im spinning around here.

  3. TheAdmiester_2K8 says:

    I’ve heard that can host files up to 1GB for free…

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